The gradual nationwide legalization and de-stigmatization of weed is easily one of the greatest things about modern American culture. No, let me rephrase that: in a time when we have become so numb, so accustomed to crisis and injustice, the gradual nationwide legalization and de-stigmatization of weed is the ONLY thing that is making modern American culture look halfway decent. Nothing says #selfcare in 2018 like a fat bowl to the face, and that's fact.

It seems everyone and their great grandmothers are starting to go gaga for ganja, but there's still this, like, shady subculture connotation that looms over the plant itself. When the average person -- not a coastal liberal-minded Millennial, but the average person -- thinks about weed, they envision Haight Ashbury in the 60s, Compton, Woodstock, and suburban house parties with a lack of parental supervision. This is not made any better by the fact that weed usually comes in the same type of baggie that holds crack -- or at a fancy dispensary, where you first have to go through multiple ID checks, medical tubes. Scary! And certainly not chic.

The second I read the New York Times' article on Beboe Cannabis, I immediately became obsessed. This is simply because they described it as "the Hermés of Marijuana" and in my weaker moments, I'm outrageously materialistic. It was helpful that the vapes are $60 (for about 150 hits tho) and packaged in gold. However, it didn't take long for me to get over myself and under Beboe's spell. This had a lot to do with both the Indica and Sativa vapes being impeccably blended; you don't get !!OBLITERATED!! as much as you just...chiiiiiill. They're delicious, too - almost like smoking tea or an exotic perfume. And the 5mg edibles taste like candy! The most convincing part, though, is the brand's mission, which is to make weed smoking glamorous enough to incorporate into your next dinner party. My parents screamed at me when I brought the pen to one of our family dinners...but they did take a hit when we were finished, you know what I'm saying?

It helps that the founder behind this movement is Scott Campbell -- aka one of the greatest tattoo artists in the world, aka the man that tattoos arms people blindly stick through walls with whatever is on his mind at that moment, aka Lake Bell's husband -- not some former Wall Street exec who made a midlife crisis decision to #rebrand himself as a Rastafarian. ONE LOVE.