I've always been a floater, or never had one solid clique of interdependent friends. As such, I really, really, REALLY love parties. Not because it’s a socially acceptable opportunity for me to drink away the pain that comes with that reality (half joke), but because they’re an amazing excuse to get all these different people from different sectors of my life together, who otherwise may have never met. While high school was easy (everyone was just looking for fresh meat to make out with), college became more difficult; people got stuck in the idiot mindset of, like, “if you're not in my sorority/frat/Advanced Shakespeare class there’s no way we’ll be able to get along.” 

I find that now, in this tech-driven time of what I call “social masturbation” — meaning, taking the lazy way out by always choosing to spend time alone, not circle jerking — everyone I know is a LOT more open minded to it. And when open-minded people are put together in environments with minimal risk, these juicy, unexpected dynamics occur. 

BUT, with the raucous party comes the dreaded morning after, as often times (in order to behave like/unlike ourselves) we smear our internal organs in alcohol and drugs and the convenient shade of black in the dark sky. So what do you do if you want to have your cake AND eat it too? Or, what if you’re just sick of always being the only person at the party with their shit together?!


Allow me to present DAYBREAKER. Here are the COLD HARD facts: 

-7am call time

-over-the-top costumes

-mandatory hugging of people you've never met

-frantic, sweaty-ass dancing for 2 hours straight to themed music in major nightclubs/music venues


For those of you who DON’T have their shit together at the party, I bet the thing that alarmed you the most was being SOBER. But listen, you’re not, really. The Daybreaker team has researched, implemented, and trademarked the “D-O-S-E.,” a program activating a quartet of the chemicals Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. (The latter gets compared to morphine, if that helps.) Read all about the super-sick science HERE. Add to that the hundreds of bottles of cold brew coffee and kombucha up for grabs at these events, and I PROMISE, you’ll be fine. 

The party itself, with live horns and periods of crowd surfing/jumpy coordinated dance moves, can sometimes feel like a Bar Mitzvah. (The best Bar Mitzvah EVER though. Early 2000s MTV level.) Being asked to repeatedly chant love love love yes yes yes doesn’t work for some people outside of a bedroom. BUT, since everyone’s sober (unless they’re not…good for the junkies for showing face at 7am!!) and everybody’s in the exact same “what-the-hell-am-I-doing-so-let’s-just-DO-it” position, you really have no choice but to let loose. And it’s BEAUTIFUL when you do. Sweat on strangers! Deal with their B.O. when you reach out to impulsively hold their hand! Let your boobs and booties BOUNCE as you flail without coordination to the music! YOU’RE IN MIAMI, BITCH! YOU’RE THE QUEEN/KING OF THE WORLD! At least for the next 120 minutes. 

For me personally, these parties are a glorious place where I can revert back to my reckless childhood behavior without subsequently enduring a bad breakup and/or my parents threatening to send me to a psych ward. (The website also suggests you can burn 1,000 calories from start to finish, which is chill.) I’m a huge fan.